My wife and I were seeking legal representation to guide us through the foreclosure process. In my past experience with legal matters, I have found that the reputation and character of the firm/litigator carries significant influence in the outcome of the case, so I was looking for a firm with these strengths. As I proceeded through the steps in choosing representation, I found that Zingarelli Law Office, operated by attorney Nicholas Zingarelli, had a strong reputation within the court system, with the trustee, and with his peers and clients. As we proceeded through our foreclosure and Chapter 13 case, we found Mr. Zingarelli to be highly skilled in navigating the complex issues associated with our situation. His counsel was always faultless, and his strategies very effective. The initial proposal to the court/trustee was accepted with a minimum of time and cost, and our Chapter 13 plan was approved.

Approximately half way through our Chapter 13 payout plan, we encountered catastrophic health problems which dramatically changed our lives, and forced us into retirement. I was in communication with Mr. Zingarelli regarding our situation. Once again, he was able to skillfully structure and propose a hardship discharge, and gain agreement from the court/trustee. We feel that Mr. Zingarelli’s character, reputation, and influence were major factors in the positive outcome of our case. We were fortunate to have met and selected Mr. Zingarelli, and would strongly recommend him to our closest friends.