Client Reviews

I met with a couple different attorneys before selecting Zingarelli Law. I was confident in choosing Nick based on his experience, confidence and approachability.

In the end, I filed within 2 months and have a huge burden of bad-business debt removed from my life.

– James, a Chapter 7 client (5 star review)

My wife and I were forced into chapter 13 protection by a real estate investment scam that involved a predatory loan. We were at risk of losing our home because the bank foreclosed on the defunct investment property, and threatened to liquidate all our assets to recoup the deficit. I went to three lawyers who did not take my case because I insisted that an action against the bank be included in the chapter 13 filing. Nick not only took the case, he went above and beyond the call of duty to protect our interests and make our case against the bank. He was resourceful and aggressive while maintaining consummate professionalism. He has earned my highest recommendation and respect.

– G. Williams, Chapter 13 client (5 star review)

Working with Nick was nothing short of fantastic, from beginning to end. This was my first time needing an attorney of any sort and I’ve got to say that the bar has been set pretty high.

… I was being sued for what I thought were questionable student loans and alleged unpaid tuition from 14 years ago. During my initial consultation with Nick I made him aware of my financial restraints as well as my somewhat skeptic stance in retaining a lawyer. Nick was truly sensitive to my concerns and handled my case accordingly. In just a few weeks time Mr. Zingarelli was able to reach an agreement that literally saved me over $10,000. This savings was not only quite significant, the weight that he helped lift off of my shoulders was priceless! I really believe that you can’t put a price, or a value, on the removal of the stress and the worry that I carried with me every single day, for such a long time.

I’m forever grateful for Nick, and his staff, and everything they did to help get me through this process. Speaking of which, a star is only as strong as his supporting cast and Nick has surrounded himself with some great ones. Rebecca, Tammy, and Susan were all very nice, and Michelle never failed to greet me with smile and make me feel comfortable upon arrival.

– Stephen, a Debt Settlement client (5 star review)

Nick and his team are fantastic. Above and beyond, which is rare. Many Thanks.

– 5 star Google+ review

My wife and I were seeking legal representation to guide us through the foreclosure process. In my past experience with legal matters, I have found that the reputation and character of the firm/litigator carries significant influence in the outcome of the case, so I was looking for a firm with these strengths. As I proceeded through the steps in choosing representation, I found that Zingarelli Law Office, operated by attorney Nicholas Zingarelli, had a strong reputation within the court system, with the trustee, and with his peers and clients. As we proceeded through our foreclosure and Chapter 13 case, we found Mr. Zingarelli to be highly skilled in navigating the complex issues associated with our situation. His counsel was always faultless, and his strategies very effective. The initial proposal to the court/trustee was accepted with a minimum of time and cost, and our Chapter 13 plan was approved.

Approximately half way through our Chapter 13 payout plan, we encountered catastrophic health problems which dramatically changed our lives, and forced us into retirement. I was in communication with Mr. Zingarelli regarding our situation. Once again, he was able to skillfully structure and propose a hardship discharge, and gain agreement from the court/trustee. We feel that Mr. Zingarelli’s character, reputation, and influence were major factors in the positive outcome of our case. We were fortunate to have met and selected Mr. Zingarelli, and would strongly recommend him to our closest friends.

– Robert, a Chapter 13 client (5 star review)

I first met Nick on June 6th, 2012, after consulting with other bankruptcy attorneys. Recently divorced, my ex-wife was refusing to sell the home we purchased during our marriage. After agreeing to sell the house as part of the divorce decree, she was dragging this through domestic relations court in Butler County. She demanded to be present at all showings, in addition to keeping it in very poor conditions to ensure the house would never sell. I was paying a portion of the mortgage on that property and would continue to do so until the house sold. To keep this up was burning through all of my available credit; I could no longer keep up the payments on a house that she would never sell. Feeling lost and about to be in contempt of court due to being unable to pay for the place I lived and the house she resided, I sought help.

Within the first 10 minutes of meeting with Nick, I started to feel better. Previous bankruptcy attorneys made me feel like I was at the mercy of [my] ex-wife, which as some of you know, is a horrible feeling. He listened; quickly putting together a plan to help me file a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. He and his staff were very helpful and supportive, gathering all the information very quickly and efficiently. Once that was done, he sat down and explained the entire process very clearly, answering all my questions very thoroughly and confidently.

My case was somewhat complicated, which he navigated with ease. Nick is very well respected by all magistrates and judges in Federal Bankruptcy Court.

The specifics of everyone’s case are all different but one thing is the same; you are looking for help, you’re scared, and are at a place you have probably never been before. Divorce and Bankruptcy go hand in hand this day and age. After meeting with Nick, I knew I was going to be protected from my ex-wife through my Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. He was fearless, confident and without question, knew the path to take that would get me to where I ultimately wanted to be.

As I write this, I am less than 30 days away from my last payment in Chapter 13, which contained almost $40,000 of debt and will be paid off within 30 months. Nick truly helped me get my life back. I am now in a great position to start the rest of my life. I could go on about what a great guy Nick is, which is true, but that is not his best quality. He genuinely cares. He wants to help see you through to the end, allowing you to get your life back.

– Chad (5 star Google+ review)

I am a criminal defense attorney with a client that had some bankruptcy issues. Mr. Zingarelli was extremely helpful to us and was very knowledgeable in regards to the bankruptcy laws and codes. He also went out of his way to research some of the more complicated issues we had and provided very helpful responses to our questions.

– 5 star Google+ review

Zingarelli helped us when we were in jeopardy of possibly losing our house back in January 2015. We set up a consultation after finding him on this website. So happy we came across this website and found Zingarelli!!! He answered all of our questions, presented us possible options we could take, and took care of paperwork that we received from the county about us going into bankruptcy at the time. He was patient with us and talked to us professionally where he definitely knew what he was talking about! He talked to us in terms that allowed us to understand what was going on with our situation. He even refunded any unused money he didn't need to charge towards our deposit for hiring him!!! Thank you so much for everything you did for us in saving our home!!!

My husband and I would personally like to thank Nick Zingarelli for his kind, professional services he offered to us. He made a very trying time in our lives go smoothly and made sure we were comfortable with our decision to move forward with our lives. I can assure anyone thinking of bankruptcy that Nick Zingarelli is the person you want on your side, to handle your most personal information and feelings.

Mr. Zingarelli provided us with excellent, knowledgeable, and thorough service from our initial consultation for a complex bankruptcy through our trustee hearing and final discharge. We were impressed with his obvious knowledge and demonstrated thoroughness, but it was his his attention to detail and his aggressiveness on our behalf that was particularly valuable. His price structure for our case was carefully considered and proved to be a value relative to the results and level of service he and his staff provided.

As a fellow professional, I appreciated being overly prepared by Nick via aggressive and detailed questioning prior to our filing and hearing. His extensive working knowledge of the process, his relationships within the legal and trustee communities, and his hearing room focus all proved proved all too-valuable. With all of that, our hearing was uneventful, followed by a clean 60 day objection period.

I would strongly recommend Nick and the professionals at the Zingarelli Law Office for simple to complex bankruptcies if anyone is interested in exceptional service and predictable outcomes.

– 5 star AVVO review