Solutions for Small Business: What Every Business Owner Should Know About Bankruptcy

Nick Zingarelli has been a contributing author to three compilations on bankruptcy issues. Mr. Zingarelli contributed chapters to the 2013 and 2016 editions of Inside the Minds: Best Practices for Filing Chapter 13. His chapter in each of these books focuses on trends and approaches for attorneys to assist them with their Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients. Mr. Zingarelli also wrote a chapter in Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Law 2014 that looks changes to case law and legislative law and how it impact bankruptcy attorney.

Nick Zingarelli has also authored a solo book on financial issues that may face small business owners. Solutions for Small Business: What Every Business Owner Should Know About Bankruptcy is a two-part book that provides self-help measures for small business owners to evaluate the financial challenges of their businesses. The first part of the book focuses on the business operations, such as profitability, cash-flow challenges and marketing strategies. Business concepts such as fixed and variable expenses, and business trends are discussed. In addition, tools are provided to help you evaluate some of the concerns that may be facing your business, including profit and loss, marketing, and tax issues.

The second part of Solutions for Small Businesses explains how bankruptcy may be able to assist with issues that are identified in the first part of the book. This book seeks to give its reader a better understanding of your business and how bankruptcy can help it. This guide includes insights on how the various types of bankruptcy can be utilized to assist with these same issues to possibly save or wind down your business, including modification of secured debts, addressing tax liability, and reduction or elimination of unsecured debts. Solutions for Small Business gives you a greater understanding of the concepts that arise in bankruptcy so that you will be more informed when you meet with your bankruptcy attorney. This book is written in conversational, plain English rather than legalese and should be a valuable resource to new and experienced business owners alike.

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