Stop Wage Garnishment: Cincinnati Attorneys Serving Ohio and Kentucky

The garnishment or threat of garnishment of wages can feel like a crippling blow, especially when garnishment follows prolonged financial challenges. Until now, you had hoped that your income could help address current debt problems. Now, with your income reduced in each paycheck, pressing financial problems become even more difficult to solve.

The solution? Stopping or preventing the garnishment of your paycheck. At The Law Firm of Droder & Miller, we have helped hundreds of clients in Ohio and throughout Hamilton County, southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky prevent creditors from garnishing their wages, and to stop garnishments once they’ve begun.

Are creditors threatening to garnish your hard-earned wages? Have your paychecks already been reduced by garnishment? We want to help. We can work to halt wage garnishment for a broad range of debt. Are your wages being garnished for:

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Stop Wage Garnishments by Filing for Bankruptcy

The most effective way to prevent or halt wage garnishments can be through the filing of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. Bankruptcy protection includes an immediate “automatic stay” that prevents creditors from taking your wages after receiving notice of your bankruptcy filing. We are prepared to help by:

  • Meeting with you to determine which bankruptcy option, if any, will work best for you
  • Filing your bankruptcy documents and managing your entire bankruptcy process
  • Faxing a notice to the garnishing creditor’s attorney demanding a halt to wage garnishment
  • Suing non-compliant creditors

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