Tax Debts and Bankruptcy

Tax debts loom large. In Ohio, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state tax agencies are aggressive. They will not hesitate in obtaining a tax lien against you. If you have overdue tax debts, you need sound legal advice and effective representation.

Fortunately, certain tax debts can be discharged in bankruptcy. Those tax debts that can’t be discharged can be rolled into a Chapter 13 bankruptcy repayment plan that stops the accumulation of penalties and interest. You can get relief from tax debts and unsecured debts such as credit card and medical bills.

At The Law Firm of Droder & Miller, we are highly experienced at discharging taxes in bankruptcy. We understand the many options available under the bankruptcy laws, and we will work diligently to obtain maximum tax debt relief for you. Contact our Cincinnati tax discharge lawyers for a no-obligation consultation.

Can I Discharge My Tax Debts Through Bankruptcy?

Generally speaking, IRS tax debts older than three years can be discharged in bankruptcy. Several other rules apply, and your situation will require examination by an experienced attorney. Our attorneys will review your situation and provide specific information about the relief available to you under federal, Ohio and Kentucky tax and bankruptcy laws.

You can also set up an affordable payment plan for other taxes such as overdue property tax debts in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Those taxes that cannot be discharged can be rolled into your Chapter 13 repayment plan, providing you with additional cash flow and financial relief. And when you file bankruptcy, interest and penalty fees stop accumulating.

Providing Tax Debt Relief for Business Owners in the Greater Cincinnati Area

The Law Firm of Droder & Miller can also address your business tax problems if you are a business owner and owe payroll taxes, sales taxes or other types of taxes. The tax and bankruptcy codes provide many debt relief options. Our experienced business bankruptcy attorneys help you make the most of those opportunities. Get legal help today.

Contact Our Skilled Cincinnati Tax Discharge Attorneys

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