Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Are creditors harassing you? Are you unable to make your debt payments? Do you wish to become current on student loans, your home mortgage or income tax debt, but need to instead pay credit card companies and other creditors? When debt becomes overwhelming, Chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide real help and real solutions. How?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called the “clean slate,” “fresh start” or “straight” bankruptcy. When your debt becomes overwhelming or unmanageable, Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows those who are eligible to work with the courts to reduce or eliminate many debt obligations, including:

How a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help

At The Law Firm of Droder & Miller, we have handled hundreds of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases and can provide the tailored, efficient and result-oriented legal help you need when your debt becomes unmanageable. We will work with you to consider your options and, if bankruptcy is right for you, we will walk you through each step of the bankruptcy process.

Once you hire us, we can immediately work to have your creditors contact us instead of you. Once your case is filed, many creditors are legally barred from attempting to collect on debts. And once your bankruptcy action is complete, many of the debts that are causing serious problems and anxiety will be discharged.

Contact Our Experienced Cincinnati Bankruptcy Lawyers

For experienced Chapter 7 business and consumer bankruptcy legal services, contact our bankruptcy attorneys for a free initial consultation. With an office in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, we serve clients throughout southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky.