Can I File for Bankruptcy a Second Time?

Some people file bankruptcy more than once, because of their circumstances or by choice. There are no penalties involved, and in most cases you are not subject to substantially different conditions the second or third time around just because you had a prior bankruptcy.

At The Law Firm of Droder & Miller, we help people obtain debt relief in a manner best suited for their particular situation. We sometimes recommend debt relief strategies that do not involve filing bankruptcy. In most cases, one bankruptcy is enough to put our clients back on the right track, but in some cases, we recommend filing bankruptcy again.

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Can I File Bankruptcy Twice in Ohio or Kentucky?

The answer is yes. In fact, you can file bankruptcy multiple times, and some of America’s most successful business people have done just that. You can file Chapter 7 once every eight years, but you can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy an almost unlimited number of times.

If you have a prior bankruptcy, The Law Firm of Droder & Miller may still be able to help you obtain debt relief, either through the bankruptcy system or by another means. We may also be able to help you buy time until you are in a position to file again. Get legal advice today.

Chapter 20 Strategy Debt Reduction Strategy

Filing bankruptcy more than once can be part of an overall debt reduction strategy. This is sometimes referred to as a Chapter 20 bankruptcy. For example, you may choose to first file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to wipe out your unsecured debts. After the discharge of those debts, you then file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to reorganize your remaining debts. This can protect certain assets while giving you additional cash flow. The Law Firm of Droder & Miller has experience in Chapter 20 cases, and our lawyers can help you make the decisions that are best for you.

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