Student Loans

Student loans — whether for a community college, university, trade or professional school, or other institution — can weigh heavily on a person who has no job or is underemployed. In all but a few cases, student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy. However, filing bankruptcy can reduce or eliminate other debts, giving you greater cash flow and making it easier to service your student loan debts.

At The Law Firm of Droder & Miller, we have helped hundreds of people in Ohio and Kentucky get relief from unmanageable debts, including many who had large student debt obligations. We want to help you. Contact our Cincinnati consumer bankruptcy attorneys today for a no-obligation consultation.

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Our Cincinnati attorneys can review your situation and explain your options. If you choose a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can obtain a stay on student loan collection activities and reduce your other debts, giving you the breathing room you need to make a fresh start. Our law firm will work to reduce your other debts such as:

We will also take full advantage of the property exemption provisions in the Bankruptcy Code, enabling you to keep your home and all or most of your property. Every day your wait only results in the accumulation of further late fees and interest charges on your debts.

Student loan debts can be discharged, but only under extraordinary circumstances — for example, when the debtor has suffered catastrophic injuries and has no ability to repay the debt. If you or a family member has suffered catastrophic injuries in an accident, our firm will collaborate to help seek compensation for your injuries as well as the discharge of student loan debts.

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