Stopping Foreclosure Through Bankruptcy: Cincinnati Attorneys Serving Ohio and Kentucky

It’s easy to see the home lender/mortgage holder relationship in the simplest terms, i.e., if you pay your house note, you stay in your home; if you fail to pay, you lose your home to foreclosure.

Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help Save Your Home

Fortunately, you have options even when you are behind in your mortgage payments. An effective option can be Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy shifts control back to you regardless of your repayment history and repayment status. How? When you file for Chapter 13, you obtain an “automatic stay.” The stay prevents your lender from filing for or continuing to process your foreclosure action, temporarily protecting your home from foreclosure.

Is your home threatened with foreclosure? Contact a lawyer who has helped hundreds of homeowners in foreclosure in Ohio.

Ohio debt relief attorney Nick Zingarelli has practiced bankruptcy law for his entire career. Since the beginning of his career as a bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Zingarelli has successfully handled hundreds of bankruptcy claims. Along with the rest of our team, we are ready to help you keep your home.

When foreclosure looms, you may be able to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, through which you may be able to gain the leverage to negotiate loan terms through a position of strength to stop foreclosure.

Other Debt Relief Options to Save Your Home

Our attorneys also provide a range of other legal services regarding the prevention of foreclosure, including defending against foreclosure in and out of state court as well as negotiating with lenders. For more information on avoiding home foreclosure, contact our firm.

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