Creditors' Rights and Remedies: Cincinnati Attorneys Serving Ohio and Kentucky

The attorneys of The Law Firm of Droder & Miller have years of experience working with debtors and creditors through bankruptcy and collections proceedings. We bring our primary experience representing debtors to bear when we advocate for creditors: we know bankruptcy proceedings inside and out and we understand the positions of debtors and their attorneys.

Debtors and creditors seem to have opposing interests. Where debtors hope to discharge and avoid debt, creditors need the greatest financial recovery possible. But, debtors and creditors also share interests: individual and small business creditors may be facing monetary hardship as well. In hard financial times, customers and borrowers may stop paying their bills or loans, making it hard for small businesses to survive. Our attorneys can help.

Just Results for Creditors

Overall, The Law Firm of Droder & Miller seeks equitable results. We believe that creditors achieve the best recovery through negotiation and a problem-solving approach that recognizes a debtor's potential insolvency. We often counsel acting quickly and efficiently to achieve some amount of payment before a debtor becomes insolvent.

We represent creditors and lenders in various ways including:

  • Debt collection for unpaid bills or invoices
  • Collection on personal loans, IOUs and promissory notes
  • Negotiation and debt settlement
  • Representation of creditors during bankruptcy proceedings
  • Seeking payment after violation of a divorce decree

Cost-Effective, Creative Debt Collection

When a customer, fellow business, or other borrower is facing financial difficulty or bankruptcy, there are several keys to recovery for the creditor:

Don't throw good money after bad. Know the realistic results of your collections efforts and gauge your collections expenses accordingly.

Know what debts aren't discharged in bankruptcy. The bankruptcy laws recognize that creditors should not be defrauded by unscrupulous borrowers. Debts that cannot be avoided through bankruptcy include: loans obtained through fraudulent means; debts or judgments from intentional harm to persons or property (including personal injuries caused by drunk driving / DUI); and many debts owed pursuant to a judgment of divorce.

Sometimes, some recovery is better than no recovery. When a debtor is in dire financial straits, often your best result comes from convincing the debtor or debtor's attorney that you are seeking a fair, partial amount payable from available funds or through payments made over time.

No one wants to lose money. But a partial recovery is better than no recovery when a debtor is facing insolvency. A good collections attorney will help you determine the maximum recovery you can achieve — and which collection efforts are worth your while — so that you achieve a net gain whenever possible.

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