Nick Zingarelli argues in front of Ohio Supreme Court

I am a big believer in giving back through service to others. However, the benefits I have provided to to the legal community and greater Cincinnati have blessed me with experiences that I may not have had otherwise. For example, I have assisted Tender Mercies in putting on the Taste of OTR since the inception of the event. This past summer was the fifth year that the event was held in Washington Park. Through this service, I have had the privilege to serve as the event’s emcee each year. This has allowed me to meet some amazing musicians and have see how festival concerts really work. Last year, I was asked to present on a panel at the National Association of Chapter Thirteen Trustees seminar. This continuing legal education event allowed me to visit Seattle, a beautiful city that I may have never seen otherwise.

I also have worked on the Cincinnati Bar Association’s Grievance Committee since 2014. This committee works to protect the public from attorneys engaged in misconduct. Most recently, through my involvement with a case on this committee, I had the privilege of representing the Cincinnati Bar Association at oral arguments in front of the Ohio Supreme Court. Although any attorney licensed in Ohio can argue in front of the Ohio Supreme Court, the number of chances that present themselves are very few. I am very honored to have had this opportunity. If you would like to see my advocacy skills in action, I am providing a link to the video of the oral arguments on the Ohio Supreme Court’s web-site.

Fast forward to the 14:20 mark to see my argument. I hope to have the opportunity to represent your interests in the future.

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