Google Takes Stand On Payday Loan Advertisers

It is refreshing to see a business of Google's magnitude take a stand on this issue. Payday lenders are based upon a predatory and cyclical business model designed to exploit people in desperate situations by charging fees and costs that translate to usurious interest rates. By refusing to accept advertisements from the payday loan industry, Google sends a message to the world that the ill-gotten money that comes from the operation of these businesses is not welcome.
If you or someone you know has found yourself in the endless payday loan cycle, we can help! In most circumstances, regular unsecured payday loans are dischargeable in bankruptcy. If you have put your car up as collateral for such a loan and you owe significantly more than your car is worth, we can often satisfy the lien on your car for the fair market value of the vehicle rather than the amount owed.
Click below for a link to the article by the Washington Post:
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