What happens if I receive a foreclosure notice from the court?

If you receive a notice from the court, do NOT ignore it! Make sure that you read it!! When you are served with any kind of summons from the court, it is putting you on notice of a legal proceeding that requires your attention. This may seem like common sense but I have had clients that have had judgments entered against them without their knowing it because they signed for something and didn't read it. This is especially important when it comes to foreclosures. In Ohio, the mortgage company is required to provide notice to people that have entered an appearance in the foreclosure proceeding of when the property is going to be sold. If you are served with foreclosure papers and do not file an answer or at least a notice with the court indicating that you wish to receive notices of what is happening in the foreclosure proceeding, your house can be sold without you even knowing it. It's not too late to save your house, even if you've already been served with foreclosure paperwork. I have successfully defended many homeowners in foreclosure and negotiated modifications of their loans to get things back on track for them. If the house is no longer affordable, we can take steps to allow for a peaceful transition away from the house while shielding you from the liability of the mortgage debt. Call us today to schedule a free appointment.
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