Student Loan Help

The candidates for the 2016 presidential election have focused on making higher education affordable both for new and previous students. For example, Hillary Clinton has proposed a plan that would allow the refinancing of existing student loans at the current federal rate of interest (which could lower some student loan interest rates by 2.5%). The Law Firm of Droder & Miller joins with ALL candidates that believe the cost of higher education cannot continue to grow to an unsustainable level. Unfortunately, the standard for discharging student loan debts in bankruptcy remains exceedingly high. By comparison, income tax liability that is older than three years can often be treated the same as a credit card in bankruptcy while discharge of a student loan requires formal litigation being initiated against the student lender. We urge the leaders of our nation to consider legislation that allows for a clearer path toward discharge of student loan debt for those that truly need this level of assistance.
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